Use the future

to change

the present

We use multiple futures to design strategy, value proposition, customer experience & service innovation. We have created an effective problem solving process based on future scenarios.

What if you'd followed Jesper Brodin's / CEO IKEA / thought from FEB 23 and...

...instead of setting out specific goals for the year, you'd have a set of “scenarios” to give the business wiggle room for unknown changes to come?

What We Do

We help you craft development paths, choose the best ones and market test them. Greenhat provides services and skills that help you define vision of the futures, make business bets and make them happen in practice.

We design and implement strategy, innovation processes, new business models, innovative products and services.

We work in co-creation with design methods, which assumes work in short iterations, rapid prototyping and testing solutions.

We specialize in working with the futures: we help to understand the needs of tomorrow and translate them into practical solutions.

We are a team of experts with profound strategy and design experience gained in multiple projects with corporations, medium-sized owner-led companies and institutions.

Growth /



Envision your future

possibilities, choose your business bets and de-risk your path to getting there by taking a creative approach to strategy.



& Processes

Ignite innovation without disrupting your core business by creating and implementing effective innovation processes that let you seize the moment to utilize market-changing ideas.

Bringing Greater Purpose and Value Proposition to Life

Define your business and

brand’s greater purpose /

unique value proposition

- start with WHY - then translate it into concrete, measurable and actionable activities for customers and

employees alike.


Service & Behavior


Employ futures thinking, behavioral science and performance tracking to allow you envision, build and measure meaningful customer experiences for tomorrow. Explore new ways to engage with prototypes and PoCs.

Building Stronger Teams Able

to Trespass Limits

Accelerate and scale your internal design capabilities with bespoke trainings to drive customer-centric innovation from within and implementing innovation in daily routine.

Future Proof Product


Employ futures thinking to uncover customers' future needs. Ideate, prototype and validate them. And do it fast.

Growth /

De-Growth Strategy

We are in the business of creating the future. Analytics and deduction provide the truths of the world as it is today. But we cannot analyze what doesn’t exist yet. Enrich your analytical thinking skills with intuitive hypotheses, market test them and set development paths. Do it fast.

And accordingly to the art of strategy.

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Strategy &


How about better organizing innovation processes and make the work in practice? How do you cope with innovation path while you're working on version 2.2.1? And how about working on brand new service? What's your innovation portfolio strategy? We help you design and implement innovation processes.

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Bringing Greater

Purpose and Value

Proposition to Life

What's your value proposition on product / service level? Is it bold enough, unique and attractive to customers? Is it future proof? And how about the WHY on the company level? Is it actionable and widely understood? We help you define or sharpen your value definition, make it future proof and convert the idea into actionable items understood by your team.


Service &



How about building customer nudges and experiences on a logic of customer journey with the use of behavioral science? And developing ability of working with them across the organization? Plan actions and root them in with awareness what customer-selves are you addressing? Experiencing-self? Remembering-self? We help you build consistent experience system converting your value proposition into meaningful customer experiences and expected customer behavior.



Teams Able

to Trespass


We are in the business of co-creating the change. We help you orchestrate digital transformation, design thinking, CX strategy, product development

and delivery via providing human-centered framework of cross-functional teams and processes, enabling creativity and scaling impact. We believe that for future-oriented companies seeking to deliver innovative products and experiences it is the key.




How about focusing on the next and future customer needs and expectations while undertaking product discovery? We developed futures thinking process that will help you better define future possibilities and test chosen ones. Be prepared on new possibilities that revolve around the current needs and pain points of your users. Use new technical possibilities to address them.

FutureS Thinking is an approach to design processes stemming from many years of experience gathered on both global and Polish business arena. It’s the way to foster innovation within strategies, products and services that allows for successful transformation of various possibilities into tangible results. It integrates signals of change and intuitive thinking with organization’s analytical skills and knowledge of customer needs.

FutureS Thinking approach was created by Zuzanna Skalska and Rafał Kołodziej, respective owners of 360Inspiration and Greenhat Innovation that together constitute the FutureS Thinking Group.

FutureS Thinking is a discipline that involves exploring and anticipating possible future scenarios, trends, and developments in order to make more informed decisions in the present. It is a process that involves analyzing current trends, understanding their potential implications, and using that understanding to envision and plan for a range of possible futures.

Our FutureS Thinking approach with its rigorous workflow and proven tools provides the ability to decomplexify reality, thus creating the foundation for enhanced strategy planning and innovation.

Use FutureS Thinking Tools such as Context Mapping, Signals of Change, FutureS Challenge, Scenario Planning, Expert Interviews to identify opportunities and challenges that may arise and to make more informed decisions about the future today.

Imagine working on various scenarios in your business planning process...


Kind Capitalism is a new economic and social order. A seemingly impossible mutation of capitalism, where those who have share their wealth to save the system. The future of the masses lies in the hands of corporate executives.

Active Restoration

Something had to change in our approach to the world – and it did. The profit-oriented mindset has been replaced with a mindset that cares about the Earth. Wise statehood initiates and stimulates private and public organizations' actions for the lasting restoration of the environment.

Self Consumed

Companies maximize profits. Consumers are too busy consuming. States are too weak and need to resort to oppression and manipulation to survive. International consensus has not been achieved. Despite lofty pledges, the environment is still being poisoned. The economy has stalled.

Less Is Enough

Growth has stalled. The permanent crisis prompts society to look for solutions at the local level. People try to solve macro problems using micro solutions. Municipalities, mayors, local businesses, residents' associations, pop-up action groups and local companies work together to address the most urgent issues and to restore a clean environment around them.

Prototyping 2040

Want to talk about the futures?

We offer you the book presenting four scenarios for western civilization in 2040, based on thousands of signals of change critically analysed by FutureS Thinking experts.

About the authors

Zuzanna Skalska

Zuzanna inspires leaders and decision-makers to pivot their’s perspective on long term vision by implementing cross-fertilization process. She operates as a Strategic Trends advisor for Up-Front Innovation to businesses, public institutions and NGOs. In her way of working she is importing and mixing ideas from different places, markets or connecting people, to help business to step out their comfort zone. Her no-nonsense approach gives companies the insights needed for future business development. Zuzanna Skalska brings trends to life in a clear, distinctive and passionate way!

Rafał Kołodziej

Rafał is a business and public services strategist, service and innovation designer. His main focus is reducing complexity and transforming possibilities into tangible solutions through the use of the Service Design, Customer Experience and Futures Thinking™ methodologies. He’s also the co-creator of the postgraduate Service Design degree at the SWPS University where he facilitates numerous classes on designing services, value definition and business models. He worked with various clients, including Allegro, Santander Bank, Poznań City, Tatrzański Park Narodowy, Allianz, ING Bank and Volkswagen Group, and dozen others.

Published by


Bringing beliefs & bets logic

into classical strategy planning process to widen perspective and introduce scenarios into team talks.

  • futures you'll believe in,
  • business bets you'll make,
  • markets experiments to check your business bets,


Toolbook that organizes

and facilitates futures thinking work flow:

  • logical work process,
  • clearly described 9 tools,
  • the result of experience of several years of working with the futures,

“Forecasting is difficult, especially when it concerns the future” Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist and Nobel laureate, once said. We are not about forecasting. We are about working with the futures that improves

the quality of decisions made here and now.

We leave visions of the future to fantasy and science fiction writers. As practitioners of the future, we want

to use it to make key business decisions more effectively. That's why we tackled the future. And this is the use to better prepare for the uncertainty of tomorrow and work with it more effectively.

This ToolBook, describing the FutureS Thinking process and 9 practical tools, which we have prepared on the basis of experience in many projects, is also intended to serve this purpose. We suggest in what order and how to work with them effectively.

Rafal Kolodziej

CEO Greenhat


Cards that facilitate creative work with the futures:

  • 80 areas of change
  • 70 signals of change
  • 30 disruption cards
  • user manual


Take your team for bespoke

guided inspirational tour to experience live emerging signals of change from various industries. Meet inspirational local leaders and workshop of what you have seen to understand the change and look for new possibilities.

Inspirational tours, guided service safaris dedicated to the leaders of medium and large companies, during which Zuzanna Skalska and Rafal Kolodziej help experience the signals of change in the most progressive and modern places in Europe. Tours that allow you to experience changes and to build team understanding and a network of contacts.

We organize FST Tours in:

  • Eindhoven/Amsterdam
  • Milan
  • Berlin
  • London


Product Discovery is one of the first phases in process of product development. The objective is to examine the assumptions concerning potential customers’ problems, to collect information validating the idea (positively or negatively), and to determine further design steps.

What if you'd employed FutureS Thinking in classical product discovery process and focus on research of customer tomorrow's needs and expectation?

FutureS Thinking will help you reveal unseen needs and continue with in the continuous product design phase, i.e. further discovery of needs that may arise.

2 days


thinking workshop

2 days


validation / falsification

2 days

product / service design workshop

World Under


ESG Signals of Change Report

Real thinking about what is to come starts with abandoning the idea of ​​predicting or discovering one foreseeable future and following the idea of ​​multiplicity possible futures that are being created today. The future is uncertain. There are many possibilities, and therefore there are many possible scenarios for the development of each business. Futures Thinking is not a method of predicting the future, but thinking about the next step of a given organization through the prism of a distant horizon of potential events. We should always consider many different futures. FutureS Thinking examines our assumptions, predictions and belief in what will or will not happen. It also allows you to disconnect today's conventions and gives a chance to build completely new solutions.

Catching signals of change, understanding their meaning is a responsible job that requires long-term professional work close to strategy and management.

Aestetic trends

Inspire your product team twice a year with visual analysis of changing trends spotted during fair and exhibition tours across Europe.

Zuzanna Skalska every year visits the most important and most impactful fairs and converts her observations into visual trend analysis.

Design Style DNA

Go deeper and help yourself translate business strategy into product by preparing

easy to use visual tools

and product guideline for

the design team, brand team or purchasing dept.

Build and implement or enhance your NPD path with profound visual design style DNA analysis, guideline and tested in practice easy-to-use tools.

Service Design


It's free

It's in Polish

(in Polish)

Zbiór narzędzi do

projektowania usług

przygotowany dla

Słuchaczy studiów


Projektowanie Usług na Uniwersytecie SWPS.

Industry experience

For more than 15 years in strategy design business we had the pleasure to work in dozens project in various industries. One of our clients said: "thanks to Greenhat experience we are able to capitalize on variety of ideas and mechanisms that work somewhere else - beyond our industry".

We usually work with:

  • C-Level, business owners who want to address & consolidate change in companies.
  • Leaders of Innovation in companies - both in the rank of President, Member of the Board, but also Director of Strategy ​/ Innovation / Business Area / R&D (depending on the company)​
  • Leaders of operational departments Customer Experience / Business Experience / Marketing / Sales / HR​

...but do not hesitate to call us if you feel we can help in your challenge

Large companies

Owner-led companies

Public Institutions



Although our best references are returning clients, we share a few opinions so you can seize the moment you should call us :)

We came to Greenhat when we noticed that our design process was ineffective.

We knew it didn't work anymore. But we didn't quite know what. When I saw the offer I thought: "They suggested some workshops. Again. But they have no idea about our industry, which is specific." Greenhat guided us through a multi-stage change process, proposed a new way of designing products, a different team composition and new technological solutions (...) we got ready-made solutions "on a tray"

- Konrad Szafirowski

CEO, More Mannequins

Greenhat designed and conducted our strategic team through the Belifes & Bets set of workshops, the aim of which was to develop a definition of possible strategic issues / topics (so-called beliefs) and the selection of strategic directions to be implemented (so-called bets) along with outlining milestones in the implementation of the strategy. (...) With full confidence I recommend cooperation with both Zuzanna Skalska and Rafał Kolodziej.

- Janusz Leski,

Strategic Transformation Director

We are pleased to announce that Greenhat is among our proven partners, with whom we had the opportunity to cooperate many times over the last few years during the development of the development strategy of YES Bizuteria SA (...) based on specialist workshops attended by Members of the Management Board. In every aspect, they were distinguished by both a high substantive and organizational level. And the business benefits from them fully confirmed the legitimacy of the choice and professionalism of this partner.

- Mateusz Madelski,


FutreS Thinking is a way for us to boost the process of designing services. We use tools, way of thinking and acting complementary to service design. Both methods, combined, give a new quality in projects. Especially in those where we are looking for new business opportunities or alternative paths for the development of banking services, e.g. in the area of ​​leasing. In working with FT, the greatest value for us is working with signals of change, thanks to which we have developed specific (future) values ​​that are worth betting on when creating business opportunities. Structured work with the signals of changes in projects helped us to see and name the future needs of our clients, and then create several concepts and prototypes of new services for clients that we had not thought about before.

- Katarzyna Czapla,

Innovation Department, ING BANK

It's been long since I've had so much fun working with an external team. Thank you for your patience with our volts, caring for the products of our brains, the strength to tinker this and that and for the capacity to figure out life at different times of the day and night.

May you never run out of vegan dishes and drinks. Cordiality Beloved. To hear and see.


- Rafal Gradzki,

Board Member, Puckie Hospicjum

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To craft stronger teams

To build future proof solutions

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